Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Leela Palace in India

We have blessed you with many magnificent and gorgeous getaways, from throughout the world, but few get close to our focal point of today – it’s the Leela Palace from New Delhi.

Both a staggering business venue and an opulent way of enjoying tranquility, this place is perfectly fit to host kings and queens.

Part of The Leela Palaces Hotels & Resorts, Leela Palace New Delhi is located just a mile away from the city’s famous business center and 25 minutes away from Indira Gandhi International Airport. Comprising a total of 260 opulently appointed rooms, the Leela Palace New Delhi is minutes away from the most important political venues in the Indian capital, like ministries and embassies. And if you study this place carefully, there’s a gorgeous contrast between the futuristic appearance of the glass-block Qube Restaurant and the traditional Indian styles noticeable throughout the hotel.

Even though New Delhi is the capital of India, it is actually the second largest city in the country, population-wise, and houses a huge number of staggering archeological monuments, government offices and political figures. There are 10,400 square feet of luxury and style brought forth by Leela Palace New Delhi, the Grand Ballroom included. This is in fact a massively gorgeous hall, with Turkish chandeliers and a plethora of mirrors. There’s also the ESPA spa which provides all sorts of body treatments, salt and oil scrubs, as well as Ayurvedic massage. This may actually be a fantastically relaxing way to end a lengthy business meeting.

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  1. no doubt this palace will stubbed you through your eyes, but there is unique palace in India that will make you to visit the palace again so visit the hotel Ram Singh