Thursday, August 1, 2013


In a nice change of pace Elie Saab didn’t let the glamour get away from him with his fall/winter 2013 show...

Saab, as it is well known, loves his shimmering lace gowns and he has made a business out of supplying them to women around the world who want to look beautiful but never rock the sartorial boat.

It was, and still is, a winning strategy for the designer. But, just like sharks, fashion designers need to keep moving or they die. With that in mind Saab made a real concerted effort this season to bring into the collection some practical daywear pieces and cocktail dresses that would work in setting that didn’t have a red carpet leading to the front door.

As always the Saab show unfolds in color blocks, the first being black-sometimes mixed with navy- and then he moved onto teal, purple, and chartreuse eventually returning to black at the end of his show for the final few evening dresses. There was a real structured and rigor to the daywear pieces that featured a peplum waist, tiered crop bolero jackets and sculpted necklines.

A play with transparency was another idea running throughout the show. It worked rather well when the designer would insert semi sheer panels in between car wash pleat skirts or run slightly transparent sections of fabric on the sides of a form fitting dress. Using different densities of lace to create graphic patterns on gowns was another intelligent way the designer incorporated the idea into the show.

With this collection, Saab showed he is swimming in the right fashion direction.

 Elie Saab Fall/Winter 2013 Full Show

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