Tuesday, August 27, 2013

El Celler de Can Roca best restaurant in the world. Girona, Spain.

The 3-starred, newly-crowned World's Best restaurant.  Be warned, this place booked out a year in advance for dinner even before they were elevated from #2 to #1.  It will be virtually impossible to secure a reservation here in the near future.  I made reservations 6 months ahead of time, and was able to get a table for lunch. 
 El Celler de Can Roca best restaurant in the world
 5 bites from around the world: Mexico, Morocco, China, Japan,  Peru
caramelized olives
 crispy shrimp
 mushroom truffle
 truffled brioche
 mushroom consommé with miso and yolk gnocchi
 olive gazpacho, olive mousse. olive fritter
 white asparagus, truffle ice cream
 white asparagus, truffle
 grilled prawn, head juice with seaweeds, seawater, sponge cake of plankton
 sea anemones and razor clam salad
 morels with milk skin and curried walnuts
 sole Mediterranean
 grilled lamb, sweetbreads with eggplant, coffee, licorice 
sourdough ice cream, cocoa pulp, sherry vinegar
chai cream, blood orange, vanilla, mango, roses
 Two of the world's greatest wines at the #1 restaurant in the world.
Now that is a wine pairing I can go fo.

By Eric JRM E.

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